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Colaba, Mumbai

Today was our first full day in Mumbai and it was the beginning of us finally getting comfortable in India! This country and this town are super intense so it took a little time to get used to it. But now, we are enjoying the chaos and the experience of being here. We checked out a few museums in Colaba and wandered the shops and bazaars to see what India shopping is all about. We’ve yet to buy anything but Bobby is eyeing a few button-down shirts and I am trying to say no to all the fun jewelry. So far – we’ve been successful:-)  But we have 4 more days in Mumbai so we’ll see how well we can hold out!



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Mumbai, India

In Mumbai, India and finally caught up on the posting!!!! Ya, limited internet in Tibet and Nepal kind of threw us a curve ball. All is good now and we are relaxing in Mumbai. You can’t hear the sarcasm in my voice, but it’s there given Mumbai is probably the worst place to ‘relax’. This city is going 1,00 miles an hour and we look like a huge dollar sign to just about everyone on the street. Thank goodness I look big and mean (well at least mean) as that helps keep the street merchants at bay. We’re staying in the Colaba area and will be here until the 18th.

We had a great treat last night and met up with a fellow Minnesota kid! Rita Katona, a fellow yogi of Debra’s was traveling for work and just happened to be staying about 10km’s away from us.  We hung out in a fancy hotel for the night chatting up a storm. Now back in our hotel planing out the next couple days here and then trying to figure out Costa Rica will hold for us.  Enjoy the India Gateway photo kids!

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