White spots

Written by Jesper Alkestrup

Undiscovered places also known as “white spots” on a map is often said to be a time of the past. But is that really so? We beg to differ. In the winter of 2015 we sat down and talked about the wildest adventure we could imagine – going into the unknown, with no possiblity of foreseeing what we would encounter. Yes, you can go to google maps and get a sattelite image of practically every corner of the earth, but a two year old pixalted top view of a rain forest does not tell what the dense carpet of leaves hide nor provide any insights to how one would get there.

We’ve all heard the story of Christoffer Columbus, the world renowed navigator who is credited for his “rediscovery” of America. The peculiar point being that humans had been present for several thousand years in America, yet due to the fact that Columbus did not have access to this information, he is considered one of mankinds greatest explorers.

“Explorer, A person who explores a new or unfamiliar area”,

The Oxford Dictionary

With no intention what so ever of comparing our feat with that of Columbus, we came to the conclusion that if we could find some corner of Earth where neither Lonely Planet, Google nor local contacts could enlighten us about the path to travel we would per se be traveling in unknown teoritory as explorers.

And so the quest for finding a suitable destination began.