About us

I want to be an explorer when I grow up!

In 2003 at age 13, we, Jesper and Tobias, met for the first time in a swimming pool in Copenhagen during our first lesson in scuba diving. Fuelled by the adventure of exploring a new world in the seas a strong friendship developed and an urge and passion to explore the rest of the world were ignited. Now 10 years later we want to share some experiences from our adventures around the world and encourage everyone that once dreamed of being an explorer when they grew up to start preparing. For with a little planning and a lot of courage it is very possible.

Tobias Kuhlmann Andersen

Tobias is passionate about the environment and photography. As an undergraduate student Tobias studied biology and has delved into the intrigues and wonders of freshwater ecosystems. Always on the lookout for new challenges, Tobias moved to Beijing, China, to study Environmental Science and to gain new insights to how best to protect our rivers and lakes in a faster changing world.

Jesper Alkestrup